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Love Story

The Name of Love

Love…, the love that unites us. Starting from a meeting make us knowing and understanding each other , as time goes by the senseof like getting in, and ends with love. We have been trough colorful romance together although alitle dispute adorn our love strory, but not infrequently, and it’s all in the name of love. Now after months together in the name of love, we decided to love, we decided to live together with a sincare bond of love, pure and beautiful. This marriage is the time to mark our life together has begun. We hope that God keeps us together in love. Also we hope the story will be eternal like the words “love” itself with full of happiness we hope. "Dear almighty God, with all the love that we had, let our love keep us together with strong ties until the end of our life “

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-Eka & Fanny-

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