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Hendra & Sarah

Sunday, 11th October 2015

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Hendra & Sarah

Welcome !

Thank you for visiting our wedding website. On this day, we will marry the one we laugh with, live for, and dream with. We have chosen to continue our growth through marriage.

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-Hendra & Sarah-

Love Story

How we meet till How we unite


Year 1 (2006) = Our story began in November 2005. It was started with an “angel" called “Mak Comblang” who is one of our best friend, Devi. Hi Devi… Thank you for being the person who we remember throughout our life. At that time, we were young, wild and free. Hmmm... This is the beginning of our story. He sent her a birthday greeting when her birthday moment. Since then, we started a relationship as friend and finally on November 10th 2005 we were officially in relationship and got together fulfilling each other's dream till now and forever. Hehehehe

Year 2 (2007) = This year, he left the hometown to continue his study in the city of Medan. Most of the time we communicated thru phone till her mom was mad as she spent much credits for calling him all night long. Long distance relationship was one of our hardest obstacle. Lots of misunderstanding, suspiciousness, jealousy, arguments and fights. Long distance relationship is not easy but true love is worth it.

Year 3 (2008) = Everyday we say “I miss you and I love you” to each other. He started to forget his study because of her. He always wanted to go back to hometown just to meet her. He missed a lot of classes. He never attended Thursday classes as he went hometown and Monday classes as he went back to the city. It happened continually. We were both forced to get out of our comfort zone to take a leap of faith. Even if we spent the whole day together, she would miss the second he left. But we came to realize, we CAN'T demand trust. We have to earn it.

Year 4 (2009) = Yeay… It was an awaited year as this was the time she also studied in Medan. We spent time together. Eating, playing, laughing and learning were together. It wasn’t easy to live far from our parents. We had to look after each other. We talked like bestfriend, played like children and protected each other like brother and sister. And we loved it.

Year 5 (2010) = Our love journey wasn’t always smooth and sweet. We went through ups and downs till we decided to end this relationship several times. We fought about small and big things. When the world says: “give up”, hope whispers: “try again one more time”. And at the end, we were back to the first mission as we realized that we never stop loving each other. It was really hard to leave the person we love so dearly although we knew it was temporary. We do believe that everything happens for a reason.

Year 6 (2011) = What we keep in our relationship is to be together in happiness or sorrow. Then, he finally graduated after struggling years from one university to the other university but whatever it is, she really prouds of him.

Year 7 (2012) = This year, she graduated from university too. We came to realize that we have so many desires. We want this and that. The secrets of long lasting relationship are two people working, standing, wanting, being together and seeing the future together. We want to have our dream house, dream car and find some beautiful places to GET LOST TOGEHER.

Year 8 (2013) = Perhaps, this was the most frightening moment he had in his life when he met her dad for the first time. It was Chinese New Year moment. He was sweaty, nervous and panic. Hahahah.... Actually she felt the same. Fortunately, God blessed us. Everything ran smoothly and we breathed normally. (P.S Her dad is such a fierce man).

Year 9 (2014) = We were getting closer to our wedding. We cleaned up the past, packed up the present and prepared for better future.

Year 10 (2015) = We were nervous, heartbeat was beating fast. It feels exactly like the 1st time we went on a date. Thank God he loves her as much as she does to him. We fall in love by chance and we stay in love by choice. 10 years is a long time and we have learned so much about each others in this 10 years. The good, the bad, what we like and what we don’t like. Being with him/her is the greatest God gave us.We've completely fallen for each other. After 10 years of beautiful journey, finally we are married, and we're about to start our new journey as husband and wife, Mr. & Mrs. Hendra.


-Hendra & Sarah-

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The Wedding of:

With new dreams, new hope, and desire to achieve new horizons we are stepping into a new beginning of Married Life. You are invited to share in the joy of our wedding.



Sarah Gomar Gama

Spare us a day of yours to make our day special when your calendar shows:

Wedding Ceremony

Sunday, 11th October 2015
09.00 to 10.00
Jln. Merdeka No 26 Serbelawan

Wedding Reception

Sunday, 11th October 2015
19.00 to 21.00
International Restaurant
Jl. Gereja No. 38
Pematang Siantar



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    • Mrs. Tan Cen Chin Yen / Rosdiana (Mother)
    • Mr. Tan Pao Siong / Rusli (Brother)
    • Mrs. Sumiati (Sister in Law)


    • Mr. Ku Sen Fong / Johnie Gomar Gama (Father)
    • Mrs. Suparni (Mother)


A wedding is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity.

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